Week 7, wow time flies

Wow, week 7. Almost there.
Just 6 more to have our 10K. For some of you this is the first time, maybe you never imagine doing this in REAL life. Yes, it isn’t a dream, you are doing it. Last week you ran more than 5k. Congratulations!
For others maybe this is the second or more, I don’t know, but you are doing it! For me to think about crossing the start line and hearing the people screaming, looking the face of people looking for their loved ones, is awesome. Specially when I hear a kid say “go” or with a signal with a funny message like  “Touch for power”
The race day is just one day, however the proud feelings about finishing your first or you second… is forever. Enjoy the way!

Things to remember
5K trail run

Saturday, March 11th  9:00 am

I feel so sad I can’t run with you I have a course but you are in my mind and I’ll be cheering for you. This run is part of your homework. The plan says to run 3 days per week. One on Monday, one on Wednesday, and the final on Saturday.

If you celebrate something special, going for a 5K run is a really good way to start the day.

Next week is one of my favorites: potluck. Bring you specialty to share and be prepared to have a good time with your fellow runners. We are stronger together and if you add food… so yummy!

See you soon. It is sunny, I’m going to play outside.

Place as Mister Ken Hamilton mention: if you have any idea to give you a better race, please let me know.
See you next Monday,
Pepe Duarte


I was recently in Merritt and I went for a couple of gorgeous early morning walks high above the Nicola Valley. A rising sun over gently rolling hills iced with snow, and a big sky stretching as far as the eye can see. I found myself remembering a road trip I went on with my children a few years ago to visit family in Saskatchewan. We had stopped for the night at a hotel in Medicine Hat along Highway #1. The area was and is flat as a pancake! Only a prairie girl like me would think of the possibility of a run. I recall not being too excited about where the road behind the hotel would lead. Ten minutes into an easy jog, I was treated to a surprise I’ll never forget. I had reached the edge of a jagged valley that had been cut out of the prairies a gazillion years ago by one of those ancient moving glaciers that we can only imagine. I skirted the edge of the valley that day amidst bushes and rocks, with the river below and a blue prairie sky above just like what I experienced in Merritt. I was reminded yet again of how lucky we are to be able to simply throw on a pair of shoes, head out the door anywhere, anytime, and explore new territory.

So, remember to take your training gear with you when you plan your spring break getaway. If you are staying around town this year, then go visit a friend and try your RunWalk in a different neighbourhood. There’s inspiration in a new route every time!

Celebrate how far you’ve come with a 5K this week! Stay at nice, easy talking pace and you’ll discover that you could go further (but don’t). We’ll save that for Sun Run day on April 23rd!Keep it going!

Lynn Kanuka
SportMedBC RunWalk Coach & Olympian


How much should we eat to maintain a healthy weight?

Following strict diets might help us lose weight in the short term, but they tend to leave us feeling hungry and deprived. This can boost our cravings and sets us up to overeat later and inevitably, regain all that weight afterwards. For long term weight management, we can use the “Plate Method” to enjoy all of our favorite foods in balanced proportions, without having to follow a restrictive diet.

The Plate Method was first introduced to help people with diabetes control their blood sugar. We now know that everyone can really benefit from the Plate Methodto maintain a healthy weight and optimal nutrition and health. The Plate Methodsuggests that we fill half of our plate with vegetables, a quarter of our plate with whole grains, and a quarter of our plate with lean proteins. Aim to have 3 fruits a day and 2-3 servings of dairy products for snacks or with meals as well.

When we serve our meals this way, the fibre from the fruits and vegetables and the protein from lean meats, fish, legumes, dairy products and alternatives keeps us full longer. We don’t have to cut out the carbs, we can choose whole grains more often and keep the portions relatively small. Having a small portion of whole grain on our plates gives us energy, without carb loading our plates with heaps of bread, pasta or rice.

Next time you serve yourself dinner or make your lunch, try to load up on vegetables and lean protein and include a small portion of whole grains. Your plate will be full with a meal that keeps you full for longer, without weighing you down.

Cristina Sutter

SportMedBC RunWalk Dietitian

Cristina Sutter is a Private Practice Sport Dietitian at Optimal Performance Clinic in Vancouver. For more information, visit cristinasutter.ca.


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