Week 2. “Happy feet, happy run”

Wow, we are in week number 2.

“Happy feet, happy run”

The impact of our first night is gone. Now it is true you are in the Britannia Sun Run clinic because you want to do a 10k run. For some people, it can be just one more race but for others, this is the beginning of the new way of life. Maybe you never thought about running and now you are here learning to run.

Today we talked about running shoes, clothes, and gadgets. Those are very important tools to keep us safe.

Here are some tips:20161002_175845

Remember to be realistic and plan to achieve your personal goals; you know your body, listen to him.

You have made the 10k Vancouver Sun Run on April 23, 2017 your special goal, every time when your mind starts making your training hard remember your goal, this will keep you motivated to go outside.

Shoes, clothes and more…

Thimgresank you, Vanda, from Racket & Runners for all the information you gave us. It was so useful!

There are a lot of shoes in the market, with many colors, styles, and philosophies behind each brand. From my perspective, if you buy your new shoes with professional advice, it makes all the difference in the process.

When buying new shoes remember

  1. Bring your old shoes.
  2. Try one or two styles
  3. Listen to a professional suggestion
  4. If you want to change your old shoes for a new type (traditional big cushion to minimalist) follow the instructions to adapt not just your feet, but all your body to the new type.

The first person to send an email to britanniasunrunclinic@gmail.com answering this question will be the winner of one prize courtesy of Rackets & Runners:

How much is the discount you get if you buy something at the Sun Run Stores?





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