Week 1. “A thousand miles journey begins with one step.”

“A thousand miles journey begins with one step.”

I would like to share this with you:

  1. Congratulations, you did it! You completed your first clinic night, in the middle of the winter with 50 new InTraining friends! The Vancouver Sun Run will be here before we know it. Whether Monday was your first running clinic or not, the feelings and emotions well all experience at the start of something new are simply beyond description.
  1. I would like to share with you the weekly tip of Coach Lynn Kanuka. Look forward to more from Lynn each week as she coaches us through the next 13 weeks leading to Vancouver Sun Run 2017.https://youtu.be/idI2e924wPo
  1. If you would like to know more about the general program it is highly recommended that you take the time and watch this Video by Coach Lynn Kanuka. She shares important information behind the SunRun InTraining program. https://youtu.be/G16vwd75yig
  1. I attached to this email the program schedule. Remember, to have a coach or to register for the clinic is not enough, it is important to do you best to get in your ‘homework’ runs as well.  (It is a PDF version you can print)
  1. One important point. Be VISIBLE Not Invisible. Here is a video with more tips about being safe when running at night. https://youtu.be/Y0pPhiCiWFM
  1. I will work this week on your registration for the SunRun race; thank you for filling in the forms and for your patience during the process.
  1. Today is Wednesday and it is your day! For me running is time with myself so invite you to go out and enjoy YOURRUN, take it as your me-time.



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